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Centurion - raccords tubulaires
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Centurion tubular connections allow you every assembling of steamless round or square tubes.
A foolproof strength and a fast assembling are points in their favour. 
Centurion connections are economical, convertible at will and multipurpose : their applications in the equipping of stores and stocking are many. We put over 50 connections for round or square tubes at your disposal. 
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All connections are made of aluminium AS12, which makes them very strong. 
Steel or stainless steel inserts are completely incorporated to the connections by casting, which ensures a considerable tightening torque. 
A hexagon Allen screw, made of steel or stainless steel, offers many assembling and dismantling possibilities, without disfiguring the assembly.  
Both inserts and steel screws are corrosion-resistant. 

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